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Offering a full suite of advisory and consulting services, for sales and marketing needs within the tech industry. 

Refine Value

Key Value Proposition Refinement

Tech Sales Consulting’s key value proposition refinement service meticulously fine-tunes your core message to ensure it resonates powerfully with your target audience. Through strategic analysis and creative insight, we enhance your brand’s appeal, distinguishing your offerings in the competitive tech landscape and driving meaningful engagement.

Enhance your sales strategy

Comprehensive B2B Tech Sales Solutions Tailored for Your Success

We offer a suite of tailored services designed to address the unique challenges of B2B tech sales, including business development, sales scripting, data driven sales systems, one-to-one telesales guidance, auditing, and strategic brainstorming sessions.

These services are crafted to enhance your sales process, from lead generation to closing deals, ensuring your tech products resonate clearly and compellingly with your target audience.

business audits


This service includes a detailed analysis of websites or landing pages and sales funnels/content strategies. Using best practices and extensive experience, we identify strengths and weaknesses, providing actionable recommendations for improvements.

The goal is to enhance the website’s effectiveness, optimise sales funnels, and ultimately attract more qualified leads, thereby enabling a faster sales cycle. 

Training and development

Enhancing Tech Sales Skills: Comprehensive Training and Development Services

We provide comprehensive training and development services designed to increase the sales and marketing skills of technology companies. This service offers expert copywriting advice for both marketing communications and sales teams as well as effective prospecting, qualification, and demonstrations.

Strategic marketing communications

Optimising Tech Market Presence

Our focus is building and enhancing marketing efforts and lead-generation strategies for tech companies.

This service includes evaluating current marketing plans and supporting improvements or new tests to achieve better results. It also encompasses developing content and thought leadership plans, incorporating experiments, best practices, and creating an updated strategy.


Dynamic Brainstorming and Strategy Sessions

Designed to facilitate creative and strategic thinking for tech companies. It includes two main components:

  1. Idea Bounce/Firestarter Sessions: These sessions provide a dedicated space and time for generating new ideas, exploring possibilities, and gaining clarity on the next steps. It’s an environment conducive to creative thinking and innovation.

  2. Sounding Board Sessions: Aimed at offering expertise, strategy, and objectivity, these sessions help companies identify problems and opportunities from fresh perspectives. It enables more informed decision-making by discussing processes, challenges, and potential solutions aloud.

Business development

Accelerating Growth

Aims to identify, target, and pursue growth opportunities for tech companies. This service is focused on leveraging key value propositions and understanding the competitive landscape to drive business expansion and customer diversification. 

Empowering leadership

Fractional Directorship for Strategic Growth

Access to senior sales and marketing expertise without the need to invest in full-time senior staff. This service is designed to fill the gap in leadership by offering:

  • Fractional Sales and Marketing Director: Clients gain access to seasoned leadership in sales and marketing to guide strategy, decision-making, and execution, offering a flexible solution to leadership needs.

  • Content Creation Oversight: Ensures that all marketing and sales content aligns with the company’s strategy and goals, providing advice, critique, and necessary changes in direction.

Tech Sales Consulting

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