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Tech Sales Consulting

What We Do

We are focused on revolutionising B2B tech sales for companies in the digital tech sector, including areas like Business Intelligence, SaaS, and Big Data.


Tech Sales Consulting was born from the vision to simplify and enhance B2B tech sales processes, combining deep industry knowledge with innovative sales strategies.

Specialising in digital technology sectors like SaaS and Big Data, the company leverages data-driven analysis and extensive consulting experience to empower technology businesses, helping them to expand market share and increase revenue efficiently.


Tech Sales Consulting

Meet Dan | Director | Founder

Dan, the director of Tech Sales Consulting, is a seasoned professional with a decade of global experience in selling B2B digital tech across various industries. His expertise spans from retail to telematics, showcasing a strong track record in driving sales success and providing comprehensive support to tech companies. 

Dan’s leadership is characterised by a hands-on approach, focusing on data-driven strategies and innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges of the tech sector.

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Who We Are

Modernising sales strategies in tech businesses

Tech B2B/B2G services and the new world have completely changed how companies do business. The experience gained working and partnering with major private and public organisations has enabled us to help tech companies be more successful by using proven systems. 

Our philosophy

Driving B2B tech sales excellence through customised strategies and dedicated support

Our philosophy centers on empowering B2B tech companies by simplifying and enhancing their sales processes. This philosophy is built on the understanding that selling digital tech products, such as SaaS or business intelligence tools, requires a unique approach.

We believe in providing tailored strategies and active support to our clients, focusing on creating clear, benefit-driven messaging and utilising proven selling systems.

By aligning their solutions closely with the needs of tech businesses, we aim to help these companies overcome the challenges of the digital market, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their sales targets. This philosophy underscores the importance of partnership, support, and expertise in achieving tech sales success.


Foundational principles driving success at tech sales consulting

Our values ensure that we are committed to partnership, support, expertise, and innovation as core values that underpin their mission to drive B2B tech sales success.

Partnership and Collaboration

We value building strong relationships with clients, emphasising teamwork, commitment, and becoming a trusted advisor.

Supportive and Helpful

Offering practical sales support, strategy, marketing, and help with lead generation. Our focus is on underpinning and boosting clients’ efforts.


Dedicated to providing proven systems and strategies that focus on achieving tangible results for our clients.

Expertise and Professionalism

Positioned as a proven expert in the field, offering friendly yet expert service, underlined by a foundation of sincerity and integrity.

Accessibility and Dependability

We ensure that we are approachable and reliable for our clients, making you an indispensable part of our success stories.

Problem Solving

We identify challenges and devise effective solutions, highlighting their roles in overcoming obstacles to sales success.

Tech Sales Consulting

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We provide peace of mind to clients because they know they are not alone in trying to speed up the sales process.

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