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We deliver hands-on sales support to companies offering products and services within the digital technology sector.

Trusted advisors for selling digital tech.

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Who We Are

Tech Sales Consulting achieves sales success for B2B companies selling digital services through clear, benefit driven messaging and proven tech selling systems.

We provide practical sales support to company owners and executives selling digital tech services in the B2B market. Our hands-on approach helps reach sales objectives and eliminates stress when trying to reach sales targets.

50% ROI

Who We Are

Data driven analysis

We are dedicated to propelling your business forward by opening and expanding new accounts, increasing your revenue and market share with cutting-edge technology like Business Intelligence, SaaS, Online Marketplaces, and Big Data.

Our skilled team has expertise in securing multimillion-dollar contracts and providing strategic advice to corporate and government clients across multiple industries such as Construction, Transportation, Public Sector, F&B, Wholesale, and more.


Companies often struggle selling a new tech service and waste time and money on sales and marketing campaigns that don’t work.

To avoid this, we help clients get the results they need quickly and in the most cost-efficient way by using the following process:

Initial call

A no obligation 30-minute consultation to enable us to find out more about you and your sales challenges, and for you to evaluate how our services align with your needs. The consultation will conclude with a suggested outline action plan.

Action summary

A written summary of the main points from the consultation, a detailed sales action plan with strategic recommendations and an investment guide will be provided. These may include some of the services below. 


The service we offer is totally geared to give you the sales success you want when selling B2B tech.

Take a look at some of our services, which can be provided in the action plan.

Refining your key value proposition and message

Creating an easy to apply, targeted sales system

Creating a bespoke pitch deck based on your core message

Creating personalised appointment setting and sales scripts

1-to-1 script roleplays so you can use the scripts with confidence

Ongoing phone an email support to help with future sales

our commitment

Our promise to you

We aim for more than your satisfaction; we strive to make you thrilled with the service and results we helped you achieve.

If, however, our service does not meet your expectations, we offer a full refund of your investment within 90 days of payment.

This is our commitment to your success and satisfaction.

Benefits of consulting

Marketing consultants don’t just look at your website. They can provide a unique marketing insight into your business and advise on the best marketing practice.

Marketing and technology are constantly advancing and in the case of selling tech, a marketing consultant who specialises in this area will help you in the following ways:

Tech Sales Consulting

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We provide peace of mind to clients because they know they are not alone in trying to speed up the sales process.

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