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Physical and Mental Health


The Center for Humane Technology are a great organisation dedicated to radically reimagining our digital infrastructure. Check out this article (summarized below): which has inspired my approach to business in the technology sector. Under immense pressure to prioritize engagement and growth, technology platforms have created a race for human attention that’s unleashed invisible harms to society.  […]

COVID-19 Response

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Be proactive and considered… The last year has been unique to say the least. Despite it being an extremely challenging time, it has brought about an unprecedented opportunity, especially in tech.  UK is still Europe’s leading startup nation, attracting $12.5bn in venture capital funding in 2020 Let’s look on the bright-side and make this planet […]

Bruce Lee and Business

bruce lee

Nothing is completely original, everything is built upon something else. What makes something great is the ability to add to it, cut away whatever is unnecessary and make it even better. Whether we are talking about martial arts, a tech company, or producing art, what sets you apart is your fluidity to change and your […]

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